Re a Lora South Africa Bowhunting Pro Review

Bowhunting Pro Reviews our blinds and general hunting experience

Stefan van der Linde ‘Review’

We recently had the privilege to call in a real bowhunting pro to review our blinds and general hunting experience. Here is what he said: “Arriving at Re a Lora Safaris I was overwhelmed by first impressions.

I found Re a Lora to be excellent in all respects. This is a very professional outfit with excellent hospitality and opportunities. It cannot be compared with the average, they are in a class of their own. If you are after a real African bowhunting experience, you cannot find better.

Mynhardt and Rina were a delight to spend time with, and the rest of the staff were friendly and accommodating. My accommodation was excellent and very comfortable, meals were excellent, and hunting was absolutely a fantastic experience. The beauty of the African bush, the abundance of game, and sitting around the fire in the evening having a beverage and sharing stories was something never to forget. Hunting at Re a Lora right from the start was excellent, the hides were some of the best I have ever experienced.

The hides located all around the farm are placed to create perfect conditions for the bowhunter to place the perfect shot. The hides are very comfortable and well placed taking the terrain, natural animal pathways and sun into account, as well as your shooting position and shooting angles to make it as easy as possible for the archer to shoot a well placed arrow. The hides are spacious with more than enough space for any recurve or longbow archer.

There was an abundance of game and plenty to choose from, with the help of very skillful guides and tracker the hunt was easy and the experience of a lifetime. The abundance of game and bird life at Re a Lora is just incredible and will impress everyone from the photographer, bird watcher, game viewer to the hunter. This was an incredible experience that is almost inexpressible and can only be fully appreciated when you are there, experiencing the awesome inspiring beauty of nature.”


Stefan van der Linde

Multiple IFAA World champion and medal winner IFAA field and 3D champion