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Mozambique Hunting Safari

Hunting in Mozambique...

Situated in the Niassa province….

Location: Monte Mozale, Majune District, Niassa Province of Mozambique

Nearest airport: Lichinga (nearest international airport: Maputo)

Hunting season: Mozambique allow hunting from May through to end of November. We recommend prime time in our Niassa area to be from August to October.

Hunting methods: Rifle and cross bow. We have had success with bow and arrow, but would recommend it to be very hard.

What to expect:

Hunting areas in Mozambique are vast open territories, unfenced.

The concession comprises of beautiful unspoilt bushveld and scenic rivers.

It is the perfect natural habitat to the majority of species available in Mozambique, including the sought after Rooseveldt Sable, Livingstone Eland and Lichtenstein Hartebeest.

Camps are rustic but comfortable with good food!

This is where we guarantee a true African experience with free-roaming game and untouched African bushveld.

Your PH will guide you with a 4×4 vehicle closer to areas we know certain animals reside. Animals are then tracked by foot and taken by walk-and-stalk. Since it is free-roaming animals, hunting here remains one of the most rewarding challenges offered by Africa.

The terrain in most of the hunting areas tends to be flat, and thus not necessarily physically demanding. The weather, insects and vast distances can provide some challenge to the unprepared hunter. We do, however, pride ourselves on the fact that we care for our hunters and our professional hunters will carefully guide you through the hunt. It is after all about the experience!

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