Hunting Review - Chuck Rybny & Tom Galvanek - June 2017

I have been hunting with a college friend for nearly fifty years and the enchantment of Africa is overpowering. The variety and abundance of game there is unlike anywhere else in the world and provides an experience which every hunter should plan for at least once in their lifetime.

 We had the good fortune to stay at the Re a Lora Lodge which is a facility on par with the best up-scale resorts in the United States for personal service, accommodations and exquisite meals.

I was very impressed with the responsiveness of Rina, a senior staff member of the Lodge who would generally respond to any E-mailed questions regarding our hunt, the lodge, or documents required to transport firearms into Africa within 24 hours. She was also able to immediately implement actions related to any requirement (game related or otherwise) that a guest might have.

We also had the good fortune of hunting with Mynhardt, a well trained professional hunter. Mynhardt was very familiar with the habits of the game and was able to follow a retreating animal through the bush to achieve the best possible shot for his hunter. Mynhardt also met us at the airport and assisted us with customs clearance prior to transporting us to the lodge.

Each afternoon hunt was followed by our favorite cocktails, than hors d-oeuvres, and finally a fabulous dinner which always included a very good South African wine selection. Evenings were spent around a campfire with the professional hunters and senior staff discussing our day in the field and a wide array of related adventures in South Africa.

This is an absolutely amazing hunting vacation! Our trip number four is already being discussed.