Hunting Review - Charles & John Hartford - July 2018

The Experience at Re a Lora is just that: an experience of a lifetime!

With the incredible beauty of the land comes exceptional hunting, unmatched hospitality, gourmet dining, and memories for a lifetime.

The warmth and the friendliness of the staff made our father son adventure one we will never forget, and one that now has us longing for the next!

As global travelers of many years, we can attest that this family run lodge and hunting destination captured our hearts and our imagination. It is unique, authentic, and presented with every detail thought of.

Congratulations are in order if you are fortunate enough to reserve a hunt and stay with Re a Lora!

From our reception in front of their exquisite lodge to our tearful farewells at our departure, we were surrounded by true friends and family whose care for others, staff and guests alike, was so very special and unlike anything we’ve experienced before.

At their core, Mynhardt, Rina, and their family and staff believe and deliver on their promise of a hunting safari with a heart for the conservation of these spectacular animals and wildlife.

We certainly were welcomed to this wonderful family’s dream!

As we bask in our memories and smile as we recount the many special moments of our week, we are peeking at our calendar, hoping and praying the next adventure with Re a Lora comes soon!